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I am a Poptropican and a Club Penguin Player, I am a good person and I like to play Legos, do computer, Play Poptropica (and meet in Multiverse rooms with my friends :D), I watch Animaniacs, Spongebob, Mythbusters, Star Wars and The Fairly OddParents in my spare time, When i'm not doing any of these things, i'm usaly settling down, playing my Wii U or just reading a book. I am a Sith Appretince to Darth Pengu (CP Star Wars canon)

Hi ho!

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Ask Princess Luna 2: Ponies Have Noses?!



Pass the cider, and keep that necktie straight, because it’s time for Ask Princess Luna!!

Now today I’ve recived a few more questions from fans, and some actual people!

Discord asks: If you could add 1 thing to– Wait, I asked this last time!!

Yeah, you did..

H.C.M asks: How many ponies could fly in the sky?

We do not know.. Okay, there’s me, Celestia, and Twilight, a bunch of random Pegasi.. We’re going to need to think that over… CELESTIA! GET MY TYPEWRITER!!…. We’ve solved it over.. alot of Pegasi and Alicorn can fly, unless the skies get too crowded… Again, we’ll need to curiously think this one over..

Kermit the Frog asks: Hi ho! Kermit the Frog here! Have you seen Constantine?

Constan– who now? Wait.. Is he that frog with the slanted eyes and the mole? o_O


Darth Lizard asks: Your opinion: Yahoo or Gmail?

YAHOO FTW!! 😀 😀 

Thorny Cloakingdevice, a rebelious Changeling asks: Hi Luna! What are you doing here? Aren’t you to be in the story?

Nice try, Thorny.. (hint hint) But I only know 1 real-worlder who controls our universe (and another in particular) 

Ringmaster Raven asks: Your thoughts on Monster Carnival?

Gee, it’s getting pointlessly LONG HERE!

Twilight Sparkle asks: I saw Fluttershy with a nose… What’s happening?!

The Nose epidemic.. Hide your muzzles, stay indoors, and eat FACE BACON!! 😀

Now, to conclude our episode of Ask Princess Luna, we’re going to have the annual Cider Toast.


Remember to submit more questions! And keep an eye out for Ask Princess Celestia! Sometimes, my sister Celestia would anwser a few of your questions instead of me. 

-Princess Luna

Ask Princess Luna 1: Bonus Quests and Cider


(Darth Lizard: Hey everyone! H.C.M gave me premission to do this so, take it away Luna!)

Hello, my royal subjects, Princess Luna here, ..ehh, I don’t understand this.. Blogging.. So, I was recieving questions by a bunch of people (WHO REMAIN UNNNAMED)

Twilight Sparkle asked: I don’t get Poptropica Bonus Quests! ..They’re odd

Well, good point.. It’s an add-on to Poptropica’s evoloution

Darth Lizard asks: Where’d you get the cider and the necktie?

From the Necktie and Cider store, duh..

Now, to conclude.. Discord asks: If you could add 1 thing to Poptropica, what would it be?

I, personaly am not a developer, I’m just an intern for DL. But I would add ENTERNAL DARKNESS!!! Just kidding, I’d add a few “darkened” islands to fit the mood. SPY ISLAND FTW! 😀

-Princess Luna

(Darth Lizard: Well done! Luna asked me for you to submit your questions in the comments below. K  thanks bye!)