Ask Princess Luna 1: Bonus Quests and Cider


(Darth Lizard: Hey everyone! H.C.M gave me premission to do this so, take it away Luna!)

Hello, my royal subjects, Princess Luna here, ..ehh, I don’t understand this.. Blogging.. So, I was recieving questions by a bunch of people (WHO REMAIN UNNNAMED)

Twilight Sparkle asked: I don’t get Poptropica Bonus Quests! ..They’re odd

Well, good point.. It’s an add-on to Poptropica’s evoloution

Darth Lizard asks: Where’d you get the cider and the necktie?

From the Necktie and Cider store, duh..

Now, to conclude.. Discord asks: If you could add 1 thing to Poptropica, what would it be?

I, personaly am not a developer, I’m just an intern for DL. But I would add ENTERNAL DARKNESS!!! Just kidding, I’d add a few “darkened” islands to fit the mood. SPY ISLAND FTW! 😀

-Princess Luna

(Darth Lizard: Well done! Luna asked me for you to submit your questions in the comments below. K  thanks bye!) 


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